Inclusion, Diversity & Equity in Action

Creating an Equitable Future for the Black Workforce

Our Approach

The Black Inclusivity Model


Representative parity of Black people at all levels of the organization, including the Board of Directors.


Implementation of auditing policies and procedures to assess, document, and achieve parity on key employee statistics including recruitment, offers, hiring, compensation, tenure, promotions, bonuses, HR complaints, departures, and terminations.


Fostering an anti-racist institutional culture that confronts and demands accountability for microaggressions and implicit and explicit biases.


Authentic engagement with, investments in, and policy support for the Black communities and systems (e.g., housing and education) that exist within the ecosystem in which the organization operates and influences.

The Pillars of Black Parity


The Black IDEA Coalition will support members in centering a DEI approach in everything from hiring, termination, and retention practices to organizational culture-building and performance review processes.


An organization’s budget is a moral document and a reflection of priorities. The Black IDEA Coalition will equip members to assess and adapt their budgets to ensure resource investments reflect a commitment to DEI.


Minority-owned business enterprises typically secure a lower number and dollar amount of contracts, and the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to widen the gap and exacerbate economic inequality. The Black IDEA Coalition will support members to develop an intentional strategy and metrics for seeking and awarding contracting bids from Black-owned businesses and firms.