The Black IDEA Coalition: Fulfilling the Promise of DEI

The Black Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Action (IDEA) Coalition is a 501(c)3 coalition that exists to fulfill the promise of diversity and inclusion by empowering organizations and institutions to achieve Black parity in employment, investments, and contracting. Through strategic partnerships with multi-disciplinary stakeholders, The Black IDEA Coalition provides research, models, and technical assistance to help coalition members foster diverse, inclusive, and equitable ecosystems that secure their mission, build profitability, and demonstrate positive corporate citizenship.

Our Solutions


The Black IDEA Coalition will develop primary and secondary research into the best practices and models being employed to achieve DEI goals. The Coalition will lead and, in partnership with other institutions, commission and publish studies that increase the evidence base for the benefits of inclusive practices in the workplace and the broader ecosystems.


The Black IDEA Coalition will build a vetted cadre of consultants that can offer DEI consulting to its members. These consultants will be retained by the Coalition and operate under the direction of the organization. The consultants, some of which will be provided by our strategic partners, will be deployed to assist companies with assessing their levels of Black Inclusivity, setting targets, evaluating existing and implementing new practices, and monitoring progress against goals.


The Black IDEA Coalition will leverage its strategic partners and consultants to provide anti-racist and implicit bias training as part of a comprehensive strategy for coalition members to dismantle racist structures and build inclusive practices and workplace cultures.

Legal Support

The Black IDEA Coalition will research and publish guidelines, cases, and other legal precedent that enable organizations to operate within legal employment frameworks. In addition, the Coalition will maintain a cadre of vetted firms to which it can refer members to respond to specific legal challenges if they arise.

Pipeline Development

The Coalition will work with association partners to articulate two pipelines for member organizations: one with candidates to hire for open entry level, mid-level, and executive positions, and the other with businesses and vendors who have the services and capacity to fulfill contracting needs. This service will enable companies to fulfill their pledges to create more diverse workforces by facilitating connections with organizations that have a track record of sourcing Black talent for all levels of industry, government, and academia, such as the National Society of Black Engineers, Inroads, the National Black MBA Association, and Management Leaders for Tomorrow.


The Coalition will collaborate with strategic partners and members to advocate for federal and state policy changes to dismantle inequitable policies and practices that prevent Black people from fully realizing the American promise. Advocacy domains might include education, healthcare, housing, employment, and access to healthy food and clean water – all of which are, or can be, aligned with the business and corporate responsibility agendas of the Coalition’s members and partners.

Community Engagement

The Coalition will assist members with efforts to build authentic relationships with and financially invest in community-based organizations, community-led initiatives, and the broader systems that exist within the areas in which the organization operates.

Public Engagement

The Coalition will develop assets – including this website and network communications platform – to promote the Coalition’s initiatives, highlight the successes of the its members, share news and research, and recruit new members.

Our Partners

The Black IDEA Coalition establishes strategic partnerships to help companies implement the Black Inclusivity Model across the pillars of parity. The Coalition will partner with both private and public entities—from nonprofit think tanks to indexing firms to professional associations—who bring capacity to deliver strategy and services to coalition members. Our current strategic partners include: